Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last, but Not Least

Well, here it is. No pictures or stories. This will be our last blog from Batam, Indonesia. Where do we start?

First and foremost, thank you to God for giving us a shot. Thank you to Pastor Jim for giving us shot too! And thank you to you, our family and friends, for helping us feel a little closer to home with your comments and prayers.

We haven't accomplished anything here; God has.

We'll be sharing ALL He's done here in Batam at The Fifth Service on March 29.


suddenfire said...

WOOOHOOO God is will be good to see you guys!

mommak said...

Crazy that it's "that time" already... it seems like you just left yesterday?? (But I'm sure it seems a little longer for you!)

God is faithful... this GREAT work that He began in you HE will complete! I'm SO EXCITED to hear all about everything! We will DEFINITELY be at the 5th to hear it all!

Believing with you for safe, peaceful travel on the way home!

heatherelle said...

I wish so badly I was in MN to hear all that God has done through you guys in Indo!!

Love you guys dearly!